DNS NATRU – Change your DNS in 1 click

DNS NATRU (ex DNS Freedom) is a program designed to help all those people , who want to change the DNS in use on the PC but does not know how.

 The reasons for wanting to change their DNS can be manifold , including the most common ones is definitely the one you want to bypass DNS block , usually applied by your service provider for political or judicial matters , other times simply to the need to have a faster DNS


also because NATRU DNS has an integrated benchmark , so as to find the fastest dns in the list , whatever reason DNS NATRU allow you to apply these changes with one click.
I hope the program is useful , if you have suggestions or simply if you want to thank just leave a comment .,1 KiB,Scaricato 2.005 volte)

Note to Webmaster : You are authorized to copy the entire contents of this page , of course you can link the program , the only courtesy that you wonder if you can put the link to the main page of the site thanks much to everyone .


Se volete sostenerci considerate una piccola donazione, grazie.
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